One of the most important investments a brewer makes is its boiler. Having a reliable, consistent supply of steam and hot water is crucial for brewing, sanitizing, bottling and other processes. Superior Boiler designs custom boiler systems for breweries and distilleries to efficiently provide clean steam and hot water and meet the fluctuating load demands of breweries and distilleries.

Our boiler systems are built to order, so they can be customized to meet specific applications and requirements. Craft brewers need the right combination of heat, wheat and barley to get the desired flavor for their beer, so we can create a package that provides steam at the precise temperature required. Space can be a concern in many microbreweries, so rest assured we can build a boiler system to fit any footprint.

Demand can fluctuate greatly depending on the processing happening at any given moment. For brewing and distilling applications, multiple smaller boilers with varying capacities and turndown ratios can meet high demand and operate more efficiently at low loads than a single large boiler. This setup can save money on fuel costs and also adds redundancy in case one boiler has to be shut down for maintenance or repairs.

All of our boilers use non-proprietary controls and burners. This makes maintenance easier and more affordable, because you can use the parts of your choice and hire the qualified boiler technician you prefer.

We offer exceptional customer service, and our experienced team can help you find a solution for your needs, such as reducing fuel costs, lowering emissions and achieving a consistent steam supply for your heating, operations, or cleaning kegs, tanks or kettles.

Contact your local Superior Boiler sales representative to discuss your brewery or distillery’s steam and hot water needs and get a custom boiler system recommendation.

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Uncle Billy’s Brew Pub

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Uncle Billy's Brew Pint Glass Full of Beer with Ocean in Background

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