Superior Boiler manufactures custom boiler systems to provide reliable, efficient hot water, steam & heat for chemical & pharmaceutical processing facilities. We help facilities lower fuel costs, reduce emissions and add redundancy, and we’re also experienced with addressing the unique needs and applications of chemical-related industries.

For example, process exhaust fans are used heavily in chemical and pharmaceutical plants to vent fumes and maintain healthy air quality. This creates a high level of make-up air in these manufacturing facilities. As a result, there is a larger demand placed on boilers in the winter months due to the need to offset the cold make-up air and keep the buildings at a comfortable temperature.

We build boiler packages to order, so we can ensure a system will meet load demands that can vary widely from season to season. Our boilers work with all brands of burners and controls, making them easier and less expensive to maintain or repair. We can manufacture a boiler system to fit any footprint, and our customers appreciate our outstanding customer service.

Waste heat recovery boilers (HRSGs) are used in many areas of the chemical industry to recycle otherwise wasted heat from the chemical manufacturing process. It’s then turned into steam or hot water without adding fuel costs. All firetube boilers can be used for batch or continuous chemical processes to heat reactors, kettles and dryers. Many existing pharmaceutical processing plants use conventional boilers for comfort heating during the winter months. For plants that are able to produce low temperature returns, condensing hydronic boilers can allow efficiencies to 99%.

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