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High fuel prices are here to stay. If your boiler is not equipped with an economizer then you’re losing energy through?your stack. Superior Boiler’s economizer was developed to recover this wasted energy while being easy to install and maintain. Your payback depends on your fuel costs, average loading, and hours of operation. We provide an automated program to allow you to see the type of savings your application will realize. Superior offers models to cover the smallest commercial boilers to the largest industrial watertube boilers. Our software also calculates the heat recovery for condensing applications.

All Superior economizers provide for easy ongoing maintenance featuring removable tubes that connect to the headers with a compression fitting. Repairs are fast, easy, and require no welding. Replacement tube elements are kept in stock allowing for rapid dispatch to minimize downtime. Since every tube makes its own circuit you can even operate your unit with one tube out of service to maintain your energy savings while waiting for a convenient time to shut down to perform the repair. Cleaning the tube bundle is fast and easy. When the boiler is offline simply unbolt the rear access door and use a water spray to hose out the bundle. Water catch drain assemblies in the bottom of the unit will collect and drain the water from the unit and prevent it from entering the boiler.