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Mains and Headers

Boiler system primary mains (headers and secondary piping manifolds) are critical components of a successful modular boiler system. Quite often, very little time and thought is spent here. Unless there is a compelling reason for fabricating mains at the jobsite, it is likely that Superior?can manufacture our standard Primary-Secondary mains more efficiently, less expensively, and with higher quality and precision.

Mains can be made in copper or steel and include a header with three Control Bushings and per each boiler two Ball Valves (installed), and one set of Supply and Return Manifold Piping, (shipped loose). All headers are tested at 125psig.

Achieving the proper results with Primary Secondary Piping requires knowledge of the application objectives, limitations imposed by other equipment in the building, limitations of the boiler room, and knowledge of applicable building and boiler room codes. So, qualified engineers and designers, as well as all applicable local building and boiler codes, should be consulted prior to implementing a system design.

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